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Do you want to buy offshore?

Offshore makes your business more successful. West Union consultants will help you to choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for your business.
Individual approach to each client makes it possible to use all the benefits of different jurisdictions and choose the most appropriate one with regard to specifics of particular business. We will provide different variants of different offshore jurisdictions in many tax schemes which our specialists develop individually for your company.
Below you can see the major offshore jurisdictions in which we register companies.
Information on other countries can be obtained by simply contacting us by phone +7 495 987 18 55.


Offshores Europe USA Asia Others


 Austria  Luxembourg  Arkansas  Hong Kong  Australia 
 Belize  Belgium  Monaco  Delaware  China  New Zealand
 Bermuda  Bulgaria  Netherlands  California  Taiwan  Uruguay
 BVI  UK  Norway  Kentucky  Singapore  
 Guernsey  Hungary  Portugal  Colorado  UAE  
 Gibraltar  Germany  Turkey  Colombia    
 Hong Kong  Greece  Finland  New York    
 Jersey  Danmark  France  Oregon    
 Dominicana  Spain  Croatia  Texas    
 Cayman islands  Italy  Czech      
 Nevis  Cyprus  Switzerland      
 Island of Mauritius
 Latvia  Sweden      
 Isle Of Man  Lithuania  Estonia      
 Panama  Liechtenstein        


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