Second citizenship and driving permits in EU

West Union Group renders support in getting residence permit in European countries, particularly in Latvia and Germany.

On the 1st of July the new changes in Immigration Law came into force. In accordance with these changes,  foreign investors and their relatives (including Russia and CIS countries) can now get 5 year residence permit and opportunity to cross any borders of European Union.

In order to become an investor you will have to fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • Having not less than 200 000 lat (286 thousand Euros) in a Latvian bank as subordinated deposit for a period of not more than 5 years.
  • Having a real estate in Latvia (Riga or any other city) which value is not less than 100 000 lat (143 thousand Euro) or for 50 000 lat (71,5 thousand Euro) in any other region of the country.
  • Investment which is no less than 25 000 lat (36 thousand Euros) in development of one of Latvian companies and as a result of your commercial activity to pay taxes to Latvian government for a sum no less than 20 000 lat (28 thousand Euros) per year. 

Those investors who received residence permit due to the new law are free to live or stay during some time in Latvia without any minimum duration of stay. Once a year they will have to make a note in their documents proving that the reasons of the residency are still valid (deposit, real estate or business).

After spending 5 years in Latvia under above mentioned conditions you can apply for a permanent residency.
Latvian citizenship is a European citizenship which follows all the EU regulations. The only exception is job restrictions in some countries. Foreigners can get Latvian citizenship after they have lived in the country for 10 years, pass the exam and renounce their nationality.

Russian residents who want to get permanent citizenship in Germany should apply for a visa. There are two types of visas – Schengen visa and National German visa. Schengen visa is valid not only in Germany but also in all the member states in the Schengen agreement. National German visa is valid only in Germany. The duration of the visa is three months but it can be prolonged in German office of Migration depending on your intention - to study or to work in the country.

It is rather difficult to get a residence permit in Germany as well as in the countries in Western Europe, but it is possible. The easiest way is to set up your own business in the country. The most common business type is limited liability company (GmbH). You cannot act as private entrepreneur if you do not have an EU resident permit.

The sum of start-up budget for limited liability company is 25000 Euros.  A foreign founder of a company who do not have residence permit can be appointed as managing director if he can enter EU anytime, i.e. having multiply entry visa. On average it takes from 1.5 to 2.5 months to register a legal entity.

Key criteria for receiving a residence permit are the creation of workplaces and investment sum. To justify your residence permit you will have to submit a detailed business plan to the German embassy. The documents will be sent from embassy to the authorities of that federal state where a claimer is intended to live and work. The duration of the review is from 6 to 15 months.

Also it is possible to get a residence permit and then a permanent residence in 5 years’ time by having job contract, marrying a German citizen or entering a German University.

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