Virtual Office

General information

Virtual Office is an ideal solution for remote management of the business. Opening the Virtual Office means essentially optimize the cost of maintaining the company's representation in the country of its registration and reduce the cost of rent and staff salaries.

Below you will find basic services, which includes a virtual office.

• Mailing address of the place where a company is registered and ability to forward incoming mail there. All postal correspondence (e-mail messages, letters, notices and packets), which will come to your company address will be forwarded to the address according to your instructions, or stored in our office until we receive your instructions.

• A secretary who answers phone calls during working hours and if necessary 24 hours in any desired language.

• E-mail address in the country of registration office with the possibility of forwarding correspondence.

• Personal fax number with the transfer of messages to the email address. All incoming faxes will be forwarded to the email address in any country of your choice.

• Individual telephone number with forwarding. All incoming calls will be forwarded to the city and mobile numbers. All incoming calls can be forwarded to any country to any phone number according to your instructions. Callers your clients will not know that the call is forwarded. The main advantage of call forwarding service is that for your customers and business partners you will always be in the country to which they're calling.

On request it is possible to rent an office and meeting room. For business meetings and you can rent a furnished office for the necessary number of hours.
The cost to the organization of the virtual office is directly dependent on the rates for rental of telephone lines and other services in different countries.
How it works

1. Telephone call of the customer enters the call center by specially selected phone number. This telephone has the country code in which the company is registered.
2. Secretary / call-center picks up the phone and it pronouns the name of your company on pure English (Chinese, French ...) language.
3. Then the call is forwarded to any of your telephone, including mobile anywhere in the world. The client thinks that you are in the office.
4. If you are not available at this time, the secretary answers the call and informs the client that you are busy. The secretary records all the information for you and informs you via Voicemail, by e-mail or fax, depending on your desire.

Your email address will be one of the most prestigious addresses in the heart of the city you specify. All correspondence received at the office address will be forwarded to you at that address.

Contacts of West Union companies
  • Berlin +49 30 24724252
  • London +44 78 12524249
  • Paris +33 14 7430883
  • Nicosia +357 22377311
  • New York +1 347 4509922
  • Hong Kong +852 28910030
  • Riga +371 28455799
  • Kiev +380 96 1892877
  • Luxembourg +49 171 4139820
  • Shanghai +852 61483894
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