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The question on the reliability of the company contractor or partner is so important that the demand for information about the company's financial position, counterparty and its owner is constantly growing. 

As far as the public information about companies is determined by the jurisdiction where it is incorporated: in some countries, access to information is severely restricted, while in others you can learn not only the directors, shareholders, the incorporation date and company registration number, but also to obtain a copy of company incorporation documents, or find out the status of the taxpayer and its financial performance. It should be noted that sometimes this open information contains details of the real owners of a company.

In most cases you can find an agent who leads the company in the country of incorporation, and use it to find out more information on it, including a list of banks to open accounts, the names of the attorneys-signers, and the names of beneficiaries, which are specified in the declarations of trust.

West Union Group has years of experience in providing support in conducting due-diligence (measures to ensure due diligence) for the benefit of our clients. Sale of business, litigation, and audit partner at the deal - we are always ready to use our rights and opportunities for international registrar of companies to quickly and professionally to provide all possible information, which is in the public domain.

West Union Group are ready to offer advice on any issues related to the query data on foreign companies, business recommendation, or provide a full research of an issue.

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