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Nowadays the international trade system is facing a new tendency – the barriers between countries are gradually disappearing.  However, agreements on export and import still attract attentions from both legislative and tax authorities and it provokes dynamic changes in these two spheres.  

West Union specialist who operate in many countries have great experience in the legislation regulating agreements on export/import both in Russia and abroad thus we can keep our clients informed about the latest changes.

We offer consulting services on export/import operations for the following issues:

  • Opening and closing of transaction passports
  • Documents required for customs and banking control
  • Analysis of foreign trade activities of enterprises
  • Optimization of payment schemes
  • Identification and optimization of tax risks
  • Advice on the application of the mechanism of «Reverse charge" working with suppliers from the EU.

Our specialists also have great experience in developing the following schemes and multilevel structures:

  • Schemes using classical offshore (BVI, Belize, Seychelles, Panama, etc.)
  • Agent schemes using partnerships (LLP) and analogues LLC (LTD) incorporated in England
  • Schemes using trading companies registered in Cyprus, Estonia and New Zeland
  • Monitoring schemes of customs goods value with the assistance of German and Estonian companies
  • Foreign trade schemes with Asian countries using trade companies in China and Hong Kong

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