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Bank accounts

West Union Group is a direct agent of the most reliable banks located in different regions of the world. Our partnerships with banks allows us to provide professional assistance to our customers when choosing a bank and simplifying the procedure of opening bank accounts. An account can be opened through our office within two working days in the presence of representatives from the bank after which you can carry through with online-banking.

Among our partners are leading banks of Cyprus, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Latvia, Seychelles and Hong Kong: Parex, Rietumu, Norvik, EFG Private Bank, Aizkraukles Banka, Hellenic bank, FBME Bank, VP Bank, AP Bank, Barclay Bank, Marfin Popular Bank Republic CO LTD and others.

In addition to opening foreign currency accounts outside the territory of Russia, we are also engaged in the creation of merchant accounts and advices on foreign exchange control.

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