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Hong Kong offers business freedom, freedom from Government controls and Property Rights. Due to these reasons, Hong Kong is recognized as the ideal place to start a business.

Type of service Currency Сost of services
Company registration, including fees USD 1149
Annual support (starting from the second year of company registration) USD 1099
Stamp of the company   include
Apostilled Power of Attorney USD 450
Nominee Director for 1 year USD 250
Nominee founder for 1 year USD 250
Bank account USD 700
Delivery of constituent documents USD 200
Package offer: company registration + nominee service USD 1950
Package offer: company registration  + nominee service + account in a Latvian bank USD 2399
Company registration in Hong Kong, including fees USD from 1149


What else you need to know

  • Annual return. It includes the list of directors & officers. It must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of the first registration date, along with a fee of $25.
  • The initial annual audit must be submitted within 18 months after incorporation date.
  • The Business Registration Certificate needs to be renewed one to three years post-incorporation, which depends upon the Certificate issued. Make sure that the renewal must be one month before expiration. IRD (Inland Revenue Department) tax filing for recently incorporated companies comes due 18 months after the incorporation date. After that, the company will need to file annual audit reports and tax filings to the IRD.
  • An AGM (Annual General Meeting) needs to be held at a time and place the directors announce within 18 months of incorporation.


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