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VAT and Customs Regulations

Indirect taxes are among the most complex and controversial tax, which require a deep knowledge not only in legislation but also at the established business practice of the specific application. These taxes have a significant impact on cash flows. The share of VAT in total taxed revenue in the budget of Russian companies is very significant. In this regard, the tax authorities pay particular attention with tax audits.
Customs duties are the main expense for companies engaged in foreign economic activities. Administrative regulations on export-import operations also have a great influence on the activities to the tax payer.
Despite the fact that indirect taxes are present in the tax systems of many countries, the differences in calculating these taxes are considerable.

Thorough knowledge of indirect taxation both Russia and foreign countries West Union’s employees manage to provide quality services in this area, which include:


  •         Advice on VAT refunds from the budget.
  •         Analysis of the nature of the services provided to foreign companies for the existence of grounds to impose their VAT.
  •         Recommendations for the application of reduced VAT rates.
  •         Identify and minimize risks in committing both taxable and non taxable VAT activity.

(Ii) Customs legislation

  •          Analysis of foreign trade contracts and related issues on VAT and customs duties.
  •          Consultations in the field of export-import operations, customs regimes and the classification of goods
  •          Issues related to the temporary importation of goods into the territory of Russia
  •          Identify opportunities for customs exemptions.

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