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International holding structures

The modern economy is unthinkable without the activities of transnational companies, which often represent an international holding company - a group of companies operating in several countries, and connected to each other for ownership and control. It should be noted that the determining factor in the distribution of units of multinational corporations is the tax treatment accorded to the country's future presence of the structural unit. Comparative analysis of the tax regimes of countries suspected presence - a key element of the company's research, which helps to minimize costs, many still in the preparatory stage.

In carrying out international activities, one option is to optimize the tax structuring of international holding company, in which each unit holding assigned a clear role to optimize the internal financial and economic resources efficiently distribute profits and use it in future for the development of group companies, while achieving optimal taxation at the level of the holding in general. For example, a company in Switzerland or England will sell produce to the European market, trading in the Asian market will be held through a company in Hong Kong, and the company in the British Virgin Islands - to own the intellectual property, and the financing company will be located in Cyprus.

Today the Tax Policy of companies (groups of companies) is an integral component of financial-economic activity and a priority to ensure effective allocation of resources and opportunities for further development of economic activities, which often entails the need for international tax planning. West Union Company provides a full range of services for taxation at the international level, including selection of appropriate jurisdiction, as well as the development framework for future international holding company, which will help minimize the tax burden and maximize profits for your company.

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