About us

WEST UNION GROUP - an international holding company which carries out a comprehensive business support to its customers since 1992. West Union’s network of representative offices is located in more than 32 countries providing services up to 46 countries.
We aim to provide professional consulting services in various fields like tax planning, registration of companies and additional support services for foreign companies.
Every client who cooperates with West Union Group is offered an excellent service in wide range of spheres:

  • Company or other legal entities opening in Europe, USA and China.
  • Company registration in offshore and low tax jurisdictions
  • Tax planning
  • Bank account opening
  • Solving of international disputes
  • Registration of trademarks and barcodes
  • Virtual Office
  • Organization of business trips to China and Hong Kong
Nowadays West Union Group develops programs on risks reduction and searches for unique opportunities in the sphere of international business and tax planning for each client.

The guarantee of our success is the constant geographical expansion of West Union all around the world.
A Brief History of WEST UNION GROUP
    * 1992 – Our first office opened in Berlin, Germany
    * 1998 - Office in France
    * 1999 - Offices in England, Italy
    * 2000 - Offices in China PR, USA and Latvia
    * 2002 - Office in Hong Kong SAR
    * 2009 – Office in Nicosia, Cyprus

Why West Union Group?

 For the most of our clients the key points for cooperation with West Union are: confidentiality, quality and price.

West Union Group is not an agent company. We avoid help of third parties and implement all the given aims by a one-stop service. The developed network of West Union offices all over the world gives us an opportunity to carry out all the projects. Thus, we avoid any additional costs, provide qualified services, meet all the targets and guarantee confidentiality. 

An important factor of service transparency, quality of document flow and ultimately – guarantee of business security of our clients is positioning of West Union head office in Berlin. All the document flow in West Union is centralized. Safety of its keeping and confidentiality of information are guaranteed with the norms of international legislation. All the representative offices of West Union Group operate in one system of management and document flow, one system of quality control and effectiveness. 

Pricing policy of West Union Group gives our clients not only the best prices on the services provided, but also constantly updated loyalty programs.
 West Union Group built over 15 years of trustworthy cooperation with the most reliable banks in the U.S., UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Cyprus, and other countries which offer our clients a wide choice of reliable and respectable financial institutions for banking transactions of any complexity.

With West Union Group you can always count on the expert help of specialists of international level, efficient solution of your questions and impeccable service.

The main principles of West Union Group are European standards of quality, professionalism, security which guarantees our clients business flexibility, excellent pricing and personalized approach.

Agents and partners

West Union Group is an international holding which also aims at expanding of agency network and building cooperation with companies dealing with registration of legal entities and its maintenance. 
We will consider all options for mutually beneficial cooperation.
West Union Group proposes expanding the range of your services through partnership programs:
•         Registration of companies abroad
•         opening accounts in foreign banks
•         international tax planning
•         registration of trademarks and bar codes

Our partners will receive:

- 10% of the total transaction
- Advertising support
- Free advice of our professionals
- Free visits to our thematic seminars 

If you are interested in other our partnership programs of West Union - we are ready to discuss ways of cooperation with your representative office.
For more information on cooperation please dial: + 852 2891 0030           


Employees of West Union Group - the foundation of our development. That is why to the issue of recruitment and further training of staff is given special attention. 
West Union Group cares about professional and career development as well as the improvement of skills of our employees.
Every employee of West Union is subject to the same professional standards, the Uniform Code of Ethics.
In West Union Group you can count on a complex but interesting job among highly qualified professionals, as well as the friendly young staff and well developed corporate culture.
Contacts of West Union companies
  • Berlin +49 30 24724252
  • London +44 78 12524249
  • Paris +33 14 7430883
  • Nicosia +357 22377311
  • New York +1 347 4509922
  • Hong Kong +852 28910030
  • Riga +371 28455799
  • Kiev +380 96 1892877
  • Luxembourg +49 171 4139820
  • Shanghai +852 61483894
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